Our Mission and Goals


HAEFA’s mission is to provide free, quality, and comprehensive essential health coverage for people who are marginalized and underserved.

HAEFA’s major focus in Bangladesh includes sustainable health improvements in the lives of the industrial workers including garment factory workers, rickshaw pullers, hard-to-reach populations in “Chor” area in rural Bangladesh, and the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar (FDMN) living in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar.HAEFA is one of the leading organizations focusing its attention on the crisis of the Rohingya, the victims of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. HAEFA is committed to providing access to quality healthcare for chronic and non-communicable disease (NCD) including cervical cancer screening and treatment using standardized diagnostic and treatment protocols supported by our innovative paperless, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system known as NIROG, and Digital Health Cards to vulnerable and at-risk populations in Bangladesh and around the globe.

Our major focus is to bring quality primary care through essential service delivery package to disadvantaged women, children, and elderly. To fulfill its mission HAEFA has set up two health centers in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, in Kutupalong and in Balukhali, to treat the Rohingya patients in the refugee camps. Using its original, paperless EMR system, NIROG HAEFA is able to track patient records without electricity or internet.

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Health and Education for All (HAEFA) is a humanitarian non-profit organization offering healthcare, health education, quality treatment with standardized treatment protocols, and long-term follow up assistance for reproductive health, chronic diseases and gender-based violence to the undeserved, marginalized population.

HAEFA already has a strong foundation for its work in the Rohingya camps and in the garment industry, and a model for delivering healthcare that is proven to work efficiently and well. however, there are still ongoing projects and goals that HAEFA plans to achieve. In addition to its ongoing healthcare work, HAEFA has plans to provide sustainable health solutions such as:

  • To Provide training to the medical professionals and CHWs of the iNGOs and nNGOs working in the Rohingya FDMN camps on chronic diseases including NCD such as gestational DM, hypertension in pregnancy and cervical cancer screening. To help prevent complications of NCDs due to current lack of access to timely diagnosis and quality treatment.
  • Create an effective EMR-based system of referral among the service providers for chronic diseases (HTN, DM, SAM/MAM, TB) and pregnant women.
  • To help build capacity of the local government and non-government hospitals and develop an effective health emergency and crisis management referral system to the local hospitals.To contribute in the Digital health, education to Meet the SDG of Bangladesh.

As HAEFA refines its system and expands its objectives and capacity, another goal has become to broaden the use of the NIROG system across health centers in Bangladesh. Conversations are in the works for HAEFA’s methods to be implemented on a larger scale in Bangladesh.

01. Sharing Of EMR Data Among Treatment Providers In The Camps–

02. Management Of NCD – HTN, DM, COPD (asthma), Malnutrition (MAM, SAM) including Anemia

03. Management of Gestational Diabetes and Hypertension in Pregnancy

04. Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment

05. Prevention Of Antibiotic Resistance

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