HAEFA Newsletter – February 2022

HAEFA is a non-profit organization which has been relentlessly providing health care services free of cost to the underprivileged population of Bangladesh. We are excited to announce that HAEFA has launched a fundraising campaign via GiveButter to celebrate the Bengali New Year (Pahela Baishakh) on April 14th. Our goal is to raise $50,000 and raise awareness about the various essential health care services, which HAEFA provides to underserved populations within Bangladesh. Please donate and spread the word!

HAEFA's Support to Bangladeshi Women to Fight Against Cervical Cancer

HAEFA continues to provide cervical cancer screening services in the districts of Kurigram and Cox’s Bazar. On January 21st, HAEFA held a VIA camp in the Katazalas community clinic, which is located in a very remote area of Bangladesh.

Here are some updates from January 2022:

Kurigram District:

  • More than 4,300 women were screened for cervical cancer in the Upazila Health Complex (UHCs) + Camps
  • More than 15 cases were found positive in the Upazila Health Complex (UHCs) + Camps

Cox’s Bazar:

  • More than 2,800 women were screened for cervical cancer in 7 VIA Centers (Sadar Hospital, MCWC, Ramu UHC, Maheshkhali UHC, Chakaria UHC, Pekua UHC, Kutubdia UHC) and 12 VIA camps in the respective upazilas of Cox’s Bazar including two hard-to-reach areas Kutubdia and Maheshkhali. 
  • More than 20 cases were found positive through the initial VIA screening test and referred for further investigation. 
  • More than 5 patients were followed-up with a second VIA screening test and colposcopy in Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital. 
  • More than 5 were identified as suspected cancer patients and referred to Chattogram Medical College and the National Institute of Cancer Research & Hospital (NICRH).

COVID-19 Among FDMN/Rohingya Refugees

(As of February 20, 2022)

Source: WHO Cox’s Bazar Data Hub

  • Among the FDMN/Rohingya Refugees, an estimated 90,950 tests were conducted, 5,545 confirmed cases, and 40 deaths from COVID-19. More than 800 people were isolated, and around 15,670 people had been quarantined. The number of recovered cases was more than 4,680
  • Among the host community, an estimated 197,100 were conducted, 23,120 confirmed cases, and 265 deaths from COVID-19. More than 900 people were isolated, and around 49,875 people had been quarantined. The number of recovered cases was more than 21,940.

HAEFA's Contribution to Ensure the Wellbeing of Rohingya FDMN/Refugees

HAEFA health care professionals have been providing medical care to the Rohingya people and Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) since the establishment of Cox’s Bazar refugee camp. HAEFA primarily provides health care services in 3 Rohingya refugee camps located at Kutupalong (Camp 1w), Balukhali (Camp 9), and Bhashan Char (FDMN). In these 3 camps, HAEFA health care workers provide on-site medical services for acute and chronic health conditions including maternal and preventive care, raise awareness on family planning and breastfeeding, conduct health screening, provide education on nutrition, hygiene and feminine health, promote immunization programs for children and adults, and supply medications. 

In the month of January 2022, more than 7,000 refugees have received free medical care from HAEFA. A January summary of the medical conditions of the patients treated by the three camps operated by HAEFA is provided below.

  • Balukhali (Camp 9): HAEFA team provided health care services to more than 2,170 in the Balukhali camp. 
  • Kutupalong (Camp 1w): HAEFA team provided health care services to more than 3,150 patients in the Kutupalong camp.
  • Bhashan Char (FDMN): HAEFA team provided health care services to more than 1,710 patients in the Bhashan Char FDMN camp.

The most prevalent cases found in these camps were cough, fever, Diabetes mellitus (DM), Hypertension (HTN), skin diseases, asthma, and presumptive TB.

FDMN/Rohingya Refugees Vaccination Updates

  • HAEFA also continues to provide COVID-19 vaccination to the Rohingya people in Bhashan Char, Ukhia, and Teknaf.

    Bhashan Char: 

    • As of January 4, 2022 an estimated 84,820 individuals were vaccinated against COVID-19 in Bhashan Char. More than 7,130 received their 1st dose and 77,685 received their 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Of those vaccinated, more than 870 were pregnant women. 
    • During the 2nd phase occurring from January 27 – February 2, more than 605 and 5,830 personnel were vaccinated against COVID-19 with the 1st and 2nd dose, respectively.

    Ukhia and Teknaf:
    The second round of the Ukhiya and Teknaf’s vaccination campaign was held between January 26 – February 17, 2022. 

    • An estimated 34,2375 people over 18 years of age have received their 1st dose, which is 88% of the target population. 
      • Around 282,660 individuals in Ukhia are vaccinated, 4,555 of them pregnant women.
      • Around 59,715 individuals in Teknaf are vaccinated, 1,910 of them pregnant women
    • An estimated 280,335 people received a 2nd dose (91% of the population who received their 1st dose also received their 2nd dose!)
      • Around 232,085 individuals in Ukhia received a 2nd dose
      • Around 48,245 individuals in Teknaf received a 2nd dose 

HAEFA Continues to Support Mental Health Crisis and Reduce Stigma

Be a Part of the HAEFA Team

Join us as a Research Associate:

  • The Research Associate (RA) will develop research protocols, grant proposals, create data collection tools, collect and analyze primary and secondary data for research and then write reports and manuscripts. The RA will present research findings in national and international meetings, seminars and conferences. Mentoring will be provided to develop skills in preparing and submitting grant proposals and research manuscripts. Based in Dhaka, the RA may need to occasionally make field visits for data collection. The successful candidate will work with experienced health researchers and have the opportunity to develop a track record to pursue higher studies in a few years, if desired.
  • Find additional information regarding the associated responsibilities and location of the job on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Deadline:  15th March, 2022

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