Food supply for low-income and underprivileged families in Bangladesh during this Ramadan

Would you like to join us in providing two-week food supply to 1,000 extremely low-income and underprivileged families in Bangladesh during this Ramadan? You can send two-week food supply for a 5-member family for only $12.50 per family in Bangladesh. or bKash: 01770-433662.


During the first one year of COVID-19, due to lockdowns and joblessness, 24.5 million people went below the poverty line in Bangladesh in 2021. That’s almost 500,000 families below poverty line!

Like last Ramadan in 2021, with your kind help and support, HAEFA plans to deliver emergency food packages to 1,000 families this 2022 Ramadan.

Each food package costs $12.50. If your friends, colleagues, and families would like to DONATE or send ZAKAT, please encourage them to donate to HAEFA ( If you are in Bangladesh, you may bKash your Zakat or donation to HAEFA’s bKash account: 01770-433662. We can help you send food packages to additional 1,000 families in need NOW. DONATE or bKash: 01770-433662

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